Radio adverts are often overlooked in advertising campaigns, despite the opportunity they can provide in terms of creative writing. When done well they can really strike a chord, no unnecessary apps, just words.

Private: To the best Mum in the world…

Dear Mum,

This letter I hoped you’d never received because it’s just verification of that terse black-edged card which you received some time ago. Tomorrow we go into action, no doubt many lives may be lost. But if this leaves the world a slightly better place, than I am perfectly willing to make that sacrifice. Don’t get me wrong though Mum, I’m no flag waving patriot, no my world is centered around you and Dad, you are worth fighting for. And if it strengthens your security in any way, then it’s worth dying for too. I want no flowers, no tears, no epitaph, just be proud, then I can rest in peace knowing I’ve done a good job. Surely there’s no better way of dying. I loved you Mum, you were the best Mum in the world.

Goodbye, Your son.

MVO: This letter was written by a young private the night before he dies in battle. At the Imperial War Museum we don’t try to glorify the war, we try to give you an idea of what it was like to be part of it.

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The Imperial War Museum: part of your family’s history.

Simply called ‘Letter’ this radio script written by Ogilvy and Mather London has cleverly borrowed words from an Imperial War Museum artifact, turning it into an emotive advert. Using this letter gives people an honest insight into what the Imperial War Museum has to offer and what to expect when they go there. It also shows that borrowing is not necessarily all bad when creating an attention grabbing piece of copy.

Did this advert strike a chord with you?